Harp Regulation provided by Liza Jensen


Keep your harp in its finest playing power!



Liza has studied harp maintenance and mechanics privately under the tutelage of master harp builders Pat Dougal and John Pratt.


She has worked out in California with Triplett Harps and is a warranty repair service for their company.


She is the only American woman to be invited by Jakez Francois, president of Camac Harps, the most innovative harp manufacturer in the world, to become a warranty repair service for their company.


Why do you need a regulation?

Your harp needs yearly maintenance. Think of it like a car with many moving parts working as a fine machine and needing regular maintenance. Because of the pressure of the strings, the soundboard and the column are slowly shifting. This changes the geometry of your instrument. The harp relies on the precision, just as the performer relies on finger precision. This requires the patience and care of a qualified technician.


When do you change your strings?

Change your strings every couple of years. Your strings lose their elasticity like an old rubber band, even your wire strings! For the sake of economy you can use your wire strings longer, but if you have had your strings on for three years or more; it is definitely time to change them. When you change them, your help will resonate with the beauty it had when you first received it that made you love it in the first place.


What is involved in regulation?lizajensen2

  • Some of the items included in regulation are:
    • Checking overall condition
    • Pedal mechanism, changing felts
    • Noise elimination / reduction
    • Check grip and string line-up
    • Optimizing your harp’s intonation between pedal or lever positions





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