Trianon 47 (Camac)

Trianon 47 - Concert Grand Harp

  • Height: 73" (186 cm)
  • Weight: 77 lbs (35 kg)
  • Range: 47 strings, G00 (above 1st octave) - C45 (7th octave)
  • Woods: Maple, and Spruce for the soundboard
  • Finishes: Natural Maple, Mahogany, Ebony; special custom finishes (price on request)


Trianon, beauty seen and heard

The Trianon 47 share the highest professional specifications of the Atlantide Prestige. Its specially-selected, hand-carved woods result in an instrument of breathtaking appearance and fabulous sound. Seen and heard throughout the world, in all kinds of top-level performances, the Trianon is a perfect voice for the magical world of the harpist's art.


Electro-Acoustic Option (for amplification) - Additional $495.00

This amplifier has a volume control and a filter for eliminating knocking noises caused by excess low frequencies. It can also function as a DI Box, or Direct Box, which enables you to connect your instrument to a professional sound (PA) system.

Ischell electro acoustic system



For color availability please contact Pacific Harps. If the finish of your choice is not in stock we can order it for you.

Hand craftsmanship in France takes up to 16 weeks.



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