Egerie Extended Soundboard (Camac)

Egerie Straight Pedal Harp

  • Height: 74" (188 cm)
  • Weight: 83 lbs (37.5 kg)
  • Range: 47 strings, G00 - C7 (Concert tension Nylon, Gut and Pedal Wires)
  • Woods: Maple and beech (body), and Spruce for the soundboard


  • Finishes Available on Hand: Ebony and Mahogany
  • Other Finishes: Mahogany, Cherry Wood, Walnut, Natural Maple, and Black. Specialty finishes to order.
    (All other finishes, hand craftsmanship in France takes up to 16 weeks)


The newest offering from Camac is a face you feel you know, a place you are sure you visited - the Egerie lies deep in a harpist's imagination. The "Annees folles" of the 1920's have inspired our instrument; their love of the abstract, clean lines and multiple sources of influence underpin its elegant and timeless form. Simple and modern, with a straight or extended soundboard and art deco soundboard decoration, the Egerie is also the expansion of the tremendous success of our Concert Grand range. These acoustic qualities, depth of timbre and profound sonority are the synthesis of fifteen years of research: to perfect the "French sound" of our harps, and to make them accessible to the greatest number of people today.


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