Excalibur (Camac)


Concert Lever Harp

  • Height: 58" (147 cm)
  • Weight: 30 lbs (13.8 kg)
  • Range: 38 strings from C00 to A36
  • Stringing:
    • C00 to D26: Fluorocarbon Kürschner© for Excalibur
    • C27 to A36: Lever harp wires
  • Material used: Maple and Beech for the body, Spruce for the soundboard


  • Available Finishes: Mahogany
  • Other Finishes: Cherry Wood, Walnut, Natural or Ebony
  • Decorated soundboard optional - ADDITIONAL $325.00 for a beautifully hand painted soundboard



“Excalibur” is the magic sword of King Arthur – King of Brittany, and noble son of Uther Pendragon. With Excalibur in his hands, Arthur reunited and brought peace to his lands.

His sword was reputed to be unbreakable, and able to cut everything. Its scabbard protected the wearer from injury. Arthur, possessing these two assets, was invincible on the battlefield. On his death, the sword was thrown into an enchanted lake by Sir Bedivere, Arthur’s faithful knight.  Many years ago, Camac Harps were proud of their Excalibur harp, for musicians in need of a powerful, unique instrument. Like the mythical sword, this harp is no longer with us.

Today, Excalibur rises again! Stronger, more beautiful, conjured by our expert craftsmen, it promises wonderful music to those who choose it.

- String tension that offers particular support, for virtuosity and exceptional precision.

- Soundboard of the highest quality spruce, with a special design for a powerful, full-bodied sound, and beautiful resonance balanced throughout the range.

- Optimal balance of frequencies inside the sound box, for an astoundingly rich sound.

Excalibur offers a new rapport between its custom soundboard, magnificent sound box, a range conceived for all types of music, and modern string tension. It is a musical benchmark, offering the artist an innovative new relationship with their instrument.


AvailabilityExcalibur Detail

All other finishes, hand craftsmanship in France takes up to 16 weeks.


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