Isolde - Camac

Isolde Celtic

  • Height: 55" (140 cm)
  • Weight: 24 lbs (11 kg)
  • Range: 38 strings, C00 - A36


  • Stringing for Celtic Isolde:
  • C00 - D26 Folk gauge Alliance®
  • C27 - A36 Lever harp bass wires
  • Woods: Maple and Beech for the body Spruce for the soundboard
  • Available Finishes: Cherry Wood


Celtic Isolde

Timeless appearance, beautifully light, folk gauge Alliance® strings, and a clear, dynamic sound make the Isolde a dream harp for traditional music. Its range, extended to the 38 strings of modern harps, firmly anchors it in the here and now. With a bass register of great depth and bewitching power and supple yet firm touch, the Isolde will offer you incomparable pleasure, as well as great diversity in your musical choices.



Currently in stock - Cherry Wood Finish for immediate delivery.

All other finishes, and hand craftsmanship in France take up to 16 weeks.


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