Odyssey (Camac)



Lever Harp

  • Height: 39" (99 cm)
  • Weight: 13 lbs (5.9 kg) with full levers
  • Range: 27 Camac Celtic Nylon strings, 1st octave A (A1) - 5th octave C (C27)
  • Woods: Maple and beech (body), Spruce (soundboard)
  • Available Finishes:  mahogany, cherry wood, red
  • Other Finishes: natural maple, black, blue, green & pink

Additional accessories available for the Odyssey: 

  • Backpack padded case (+ $395)
  • Legs (+ $225)
  • Lap bar (+ $125)
  • Strap (+ $45)

(Note for accessories: please inform us of the accessories you'd like to include in your order.
It would be an additional payment (indicated for each accessory) to the harps' base price of $2,595)



Odyssey by Camac is a small harp with big ideas. It’s compact, light, and looks and sounds gorgeous. It’s an ideal travel harp, a great choice for beginners, and the gateway to a community united by their love of the harp.

In the Odyssey universe, you’ll also find a teach-yourself book to get started with your harp, a collection of sheet music specially arranged for its 27 strings, and the Odyssey Club - fun and friendly, full of tips and ideas. Come and join our adventure!


Hurry and get your Odyssey harp now while it is at the Introductory Price of $2,595.


Odyssey Collection

Our Odyssey Collection is full of sheet music, specially arranged for your Odyssey harp.

Clearly divided into three difficulty levels. What better way to decide what piece you’ll master next?

Odyssey Collection


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