Big Blue - Camac

The Big Blue

Electric and Acoustic Harp

  • Height: 72" (185 cm)
  • Weight: 79 lbs (36 kg)
  • Range: 47 strings, G00 - C45
  • Woods: Maple, and Spruce for the soundboard
  • Finishes: Blue, Natural Maple, Ebony, White, Red, Gray; special custom finishes available (price on request)


Modern and innovative, the Big Blue 47 offers remarkable possibilities. Its 47 strings are each equipped with a high-quality pick-up, which capture the vibrations cleanly and with no residual noise. The harp can be connected to special effects pedals (not included) which allow you, in real time, to change the sound.

The Big Blue is a triple-faceted instrument: acoustic harp, amplified electric harp, and electroacoustic harp. It liberates musical creativity from all constraints, and opens up an infinite realm of expressive possibilities. The extended soundboard version - the "Big" Blue - has particularly fine acoustic sound, with a depth of timbre and projection practically identical to a traditional acoustic harp. The Blue Harp name has become a synonym for the electric harp, and is a standard term in all musical spheres, from jazz and variety, to the most avant-garde new music.


Optional Soundboard Decoration - Additional $400.00Pedal Harp Deco Extended Soundboard



All other finishes, hand craftsmanship in France takes up to 16 weeks.


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